I am on the wait-list. How do I get notified of an opening?

An automated email followed by a text message will be sent to you as soon as a cancellation is received. Please check your email/text messages frequently as some cancellations are received minutes before class starts. You also have the option to come to studio and "stand by" for a bike, in case someone does not show.

Do I need special shoes to take class?

No. You can ride with sneakers if you like. 

Do I need to bring my own towel?

You most certainly can, however, we provide towels at no additional cost.

What kind of cycling shoes may I bring?

 SPD and LOOK Delta

Does the studio have showers?

Not at this time. 

I am a beginner, what class is most suitable for first-timers?

Any class is suitable for beginners. Make sure you arrive early and ask your instructor to help you get the right bike settings. You will be in control of your own bike so you can change the intensity accordingly.   

What are the Cancellation and Booking policies? 

  • If you reserve in advance, please be on time. If you’re not at studio at least 5 minutes before your class, your bike will be released to walk-ins. If you are running late please give the studio a call and we will hold your bike. Unclaimed bikes will be released to walk-ins at the start of each session.

  • If you can't attend a class please cancel your reservation as a courtesy to standing by riders.

  • You may cancel your reservation up to 12 hours prior to each class without penalty. If you Late Cancel (within the 12 hours prior to class), your account will be deducted one class.

  • If you've been wait listed, you will receive an email followed by a text message if/when a bike becomes available. Please confirm your spot as soon as you get these messages. There is no penalty for canceling your reservation when on a wait list.